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Principle advantages of iris recognition technology and supply c
2016-09-01 06:43:25 by Helen Lumia
Demand should rise due to mobile payments, Samsung's latest flagship smartphone Note7 have iris recognition as standard equipment, is expected to drive other brands expand import the relevant application specification hardware arms race.

In the end what is iris recognition technology? Current development status? Below summarizes the relevant principles of iris recognition technology, the potential for development, the layout of the manufacturer.

Iris Recognition parts:

Iris recognition system mainly consists of the iris image acquisition device Ge vivo iris detection algorithm, feature extraction and matching three modules.

Iris image acquisition is the first step in iris recognition, iris small area, and has a very different races different iris color. This makes ordinary camera could not capture a clear image of the iris can be used for identification. It is necessary to use a dedicated iris image capture device disposal, including infrared optical imaging systems, electronic control unit and appropriate software algorithm.

Feature extraction and matching of iris recognition system is part of the core, and that the use of effective feature of the iris image to describe and characterize the similarity between the feature vectors. Information and information in the database by the system eventually will be collected for comparison to determine the user's identity and permissions.

On Note7, the iris recognition consists of two parts: an infrared LED emitting devices Ge and a dedicated infrared camera iris scans, both with the completion of the scanning, identification process. Therefore, at the top of the front Note7, in addition to the traditional disposal before the camera, as well as an infrared LED and infrared camera two holes.

According to South Korean media reports, Note7 iris recognition algorithms in this major release is equipped with Samsung's own R & D from Samsung, infrared camera module from Korean manufacturers Patron, infrared LED by OSRAM.

Principle advantages of iris recognition technology and supply c
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