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Shop window lighting
2016-06-29 22:40:55 by Helen Lumia
As a resume window of the store, its importance is self-evident, and the position of the display windows facing the road, mostly on public roads or, when the commodity is like on a large glass box on display space.

In order to allow the store to see the people passing through the window design, these spaces are mostly box is not completely closed.

So this time window lighting must meet the following points:

1. Since the glass surface may be due to external light or reflected light across the building, resulting in the window display of goods inside can not see, so you must ensure that there is sufficient brightness in the window.

2. In order to adapt to changes monthly or quarterly window displays, lighting must also be flexible solution.

As an important window lighting fixtures - spotlight, began to talk about how to proceed in the front window lighting, let's look at its basic concepts:

Display window near the ceiling windows typically one side or light rail track mounted light tank and install the spotlight as an illumination light pipes. In this way, we can increase or decrease the number of positions or free variation spotlights installed.

If the size or depth of exhibition space allows, can be pre-installed on the floor a good spot, good light rail or mounted on the wall in left and right sides, so that you can from different locations on the commodity lighting. In addition, prepare a few more electrical outlets, and can more easily demonstrate possession of some internal illumination device of sculpture or ornament.

About lighting goods, we need to focus on the following considerations:

If the store theatrical metaphor, then the audience is equivalent to the guests, the interior design is a stage art, and merchandise have become an actor. When these actors lighting, brighter than the background will use the spotlight to do stage lighting, emphasizing their appearance, attitude and personality.

However, if it is real stage, the main line of sight of the audience will look in the same direction, but in-store merchandise display different, will also change the line of sight, so the lighting must be allowed to trade no matter from which direction it all You can demonstrate charm.

Merchandise display lights near the wall, only to be able to induce the customer's attention to the depths of the store, but also find ways to make goods look more attractive. To make the space seem fresh, the use of structured illumination is a common approach, this approach can also display and lighting equipment integration, to create their own structured lighting.

Although the halogen lamp cup spotlight common source, but if you want to light visual impact, and can also use small metal halide lamps. In addition, with the LED or fluorescent lights and use.

Shop window lighting
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