LED Modular Light SMD

LED Modular Street Light Technical Advantages:

Heat dissipation of honeycomb Briquette effect

It simulates and adopted the burning principle of honeycomb briquette; solid briquette burns slowly and inadequately due to the insulation of its center from outer air,the honeycomb structure enables coal to burn fast due to air convection,which is called the Honerycomb Effect. Similarly,it is avaiable to transform the original whole block of radiator into various modules,as well as to enable air to convect and full pass through the gaps between modules by utilizing the honeycomb effect,thus to dissipate the heat rapidly and reduce the temperature by around 20℃


Heat dissipation of the whole structure

It is available to make clever use of the module bracket that only plays a supporting role,and to transform it to a heat-conductive bracket that is capable of conducting the module's heat to the lamp shell as a structural part,thus to promote the cooling module,the design aims to fully utilize the surface area of structural parts to transfer heat to air.


Tool-free maintenance

It adopts the special design to achieve the manual disassembly and installation of lighting components(mainly module and power supply),considering that the high-power lights are generally installed in high operating space.it's very necessary for the operators to take along as few tools as poosible for their convenience and safety.

tool free1_1.png

Double-coupling IP68 protection

It adopts the screw-free structure to avoid the penetration of water vapor through the screw hole. and its double silicon-rubber rings insulate LED chip from the outside environment completely,thus to protect inner LED chip and PCB from any erosion coused by water vapor or other noxious gas.

Dye Penetrant Analysis of the couplings.Besides tests under normal water,the Dye penetrant is applied. Put the module into a 100 degree red boiling water for 30 minutes and then suddenly put it into the normal water to test whether the red ink permeates the couplings of the modules. such tests will be repeated for 6 times in 3 hours, Thus, the results will show that IP rate it will reach.Modules have got a perfact IP68.


"Ultra Robust" module technology

Each LED is equipped with bypass protection,to protect single-circuit structure of the full connection series, even open or short circuit fault can't affect current and voltage distribution of other LEDs, and the other LEDs can work under the normal operating mode without any influence,thus exending the life cycle of the whole module.


Multi-circuit constant-current driver power

Independent multi-circuit constant-current output,each circuit is independently controlled;any failure in single circuit will not affect the normal working of other circuits.But it is different in traditional single-circuit external LED driver;single-circuit power supply must be matched with LED electrical structure in series and parallel.Certainly, the defferences among LEDs'VF values, unavoidably existing in series and parallel structure, may cause an uneven current distribution, resaulting in severe decadency in part of LED units.If a sigle LED unit is damaged,the current distribution is more uneven in entire seies and parallel structure,which sharply increases the damage rate of other LED units, and greatly shortens the life span of the lights.


Ergonomic light distribution

The lighht and color scheme of its products comply with road operators' visual habits. The products adopt equal-brightness optical design in full consideration that it is unavailable to detect illumination by eyes because human eyes are sensitive to brightness,thus not only eliminating the visual bright spots and dark spots on road surface,but also bringing visual ease and comfort to road operators,as well as improving lighting illumination and abtaining asscurate detected values.


Free serialization

It is available to freely equip with different number of modules to achieve different powers as required.


Convenient operation on spare parts and components

Dealers or end customers only prepare much-small-sized powers and modules as the spare parts and components,both storage and replacements are very convenient,being different from traditional integrated-plate lights that require the whole light as spare part and is characterized by large storage space and inconvenient replacements.


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