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Installation of storeroom lighting fixtures

by Helen Lumia | post a comment

Warehouse lighting is a very important industrial lighting fixture. Its installation mode is flexible, illuminance is strong and illumination is wide. It is loved by many manufacturers. The main installation methods of warehouse lighting are: side wall type and hanging type.

Side wall type installation: the side wall installation is mainly suitable for the storeroom with low height, light work content and high demand for illumination. Therefore, it is necessary to use the side wall installation. The advantage of this installation is to save energy and achieve maximum lighting requirements with the least illumination.

Hanging installation: suspension installation is mainly applied to high height and wide range of lighting, and the illumination is not very high, which is quite different from fine lighting. Therefore, it is suitable for hanging installation.

Generally, in the lighting design of a storeroom, the following three factors should be taken into consideration:

1. First, according to the use of the storeroom to determine the risk level of the storeroom and the requirements of the illumination, whether or not explosion proof and so on.

2. Warehouse should be generally prohibited the use of fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp, and line laying and lighting should be installed in the channel above, should be at least 50 CM the above goods stacking distance.

3. The general plan of power supply and distribution is determined. In order to get a good lighting design plan and make rational use of the distribution of light to satisfy the requirements of storehouse staff and the good effect of fire and explosion protection, we must first determine the lighting standard, including illumination standard and lighting quality standard. Such as lighting lamps and switching wires and other choices.

The key of storehouse lighting is not only to provide enough level and vertical illumination, but also to pay attention to the distance between lamps and goods, so as to achieve the effect of being bright without fire and explosion. Users should configure the power supply and determine the way of power supply according to the requirements of power load on the reliability of power supply, interrupting the harm caused by power supply to the life and safety of production, and the degree of economic impact.

1. In order to prevent damage caused by sudden power failure and reduce losses caused by sudden power failure, the following measures can be considered: installing spare equipment, adopting multiple power sources, double lines, setting up switching devices or self starting devices, and other electric or non electric measures. For example, a generating set independent of the normal power supply in the warehouse, or a special feeder line independent of the normal power supply in the power supply network. And the use of battery dry, battery and other methods to deal with sudden power failure.

2. According to the time allowed to interrupt the power supply, the following emergency power supply can be selected: the power supply which allows interruption of power supply time is more than 15s, and a self starting generator can be selected. The operation time of the self throw device can meet the time allowed for interruption of power supply, and a dedicated feeder line with automatic input device independent of the normal power supply can be selected. Interrupting power supply time is millisecond power supply, and battery static uninterruptible power supply device and diesel engine uninterruptible power supply device can be selected.

Above are the two main installation ways and matters needing attention in warehouse lighting. In short, making full use of the advantages of warehouse lights will make industrial enterprises save energy and improve work efficiency.

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